Friday, 20 August 2010

Students stand against war criminal in Moulvibazar Govt. College

Some general students glued posters on the wall against the war criminal. But the ‘Shibir’ could not tolerate it. They complained the authority of ‘Moulvibazar Govt. College’ against the activists. Some of the ‘Jamat-e Islam’ supported teacher also stood against the activists. For this circumstance there was a great dispute against the student and the teachers.
After some days the teachers of 5 member committee sat with the student leaders. The student leaders supported the activists. Md. Jakaria one of the student leader said, “We supported all the activity against the war criminal.” He said, “Present government comes in power, because of their commitment against the war criminal in 1971. And the general people of the country vote them for this. The teachers as a government employee, they have the work for the side of the government.” He astonished and said, “How they go against the activists!”

History of Moulvibazar was sold 10 taka per kilo

For the construction of the new building of ‘The Moulvibazar Public Library’ the old building was broken down. It is now shifted in nearby ‘Jela-porishod’ building. When the books and newspapers were shifted from the old building, the authority of the Public Library sold rare ancient books. These rare ancient books had many information and knowledge. They also sold the local newspapers of past time, which contain the history of Moulvibazar. The authority of the Public Library sold them 10 taka per kilo. Our correspondent has found that though they wrote down in their document that they sold the books and papers 10 taka per kilo but actually they took 15 taka per kilo.
Our correspondent talked with some of the intellectual persons in the town about the matter and they said that, ‘it is a total destruction for Mouvibazar’s history. The historians take their document from the ancient books and newspapers. It is not possible for a person to collect all the news paper and documents. It is a duty of the Public Library to collect and store all the documents. Though they sold the ancient newspapers and books, so the history of Moulvibazar will impossible to write for the future generation. They do not know, what they destroy, they destroy themselves. The intellectuals also mention that the ancient books, most of their publication are stopped. You cannot buy them form market. There are also many local books which contain the local culture and literature; they are destroyed by these fools.

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